Below is a snapshot of Chelsea’s signature workplace DE&I programs! They can be delivered as a talk, up to 1 hour, or as a workshop, up to 2.5 hours. The workshop option allows for extended engagement (breakouts/roundtable) and pre-work. Recording option available for internal use only.


Please note, programs will only be delivered virtually until safe to convene in-person - no exceptions.

How to Center DE&I as a Forethought 

This introductory program provides an overview of diversity, equity, & inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace and discusses how employees at all levels can drive real-time change through renewed mind-set, actions, attitudes, and behaviors. Within a highly interactive, virtual format, employees will broaden and deepen their understanding of DE&I, unpack core hindrances to DE&I, explore their own lived experiences, and assess how to center DE&I as a forethought, rather than an afterthought.


Diversity, equity, inclusion, systemic racism, intersectionality, DE&I lens, power, privilege, forms of bias (covert & overt), bystander, uncomfortable conversations

Active Allyship In The Workplace ©

Traditional conversations on diversity, equity, and inclusion have highlighted the role of allyship in advocating for historically and presently marginalized communities, but do we truly understand what it means to be an active ally?


As a follow up to DE&I Foundations, participants will understand the role of allies and most common challenges and opportunities. The program will center on the skill of navigating uncomfortable conversations as a lever in building empathy, perspective, and understanding.


Allyship (performative and active), inclusion, equity, marginalized communities, bias, anti-racism, navigating uncomfortable conversations

A Call To Action: Leaders Driving Conscious Inclusion & Mitigating Bias ©

For People Managers/Senior Leaders

Could the secret sauce to advancing DE&I center on agency accountability? This program will guide managers to cultivate a bias-free, truly inclusive culture of belonging. Managers will gain an understanding of how to mitigate bias & model conscious inclusion through renewed mindset, attitudes, behaviors and action. They will gain tools to drive conscious inclusion throughout the employee life-cycle and foster empowered teams.


Diversity, conscious inclusion, equity, bias (cover & overt), likeability, tokenism, intersectionality, power, privilege, psychological safety, and DE&I measurement & accountability

HR as Architect: Driving Equity & Inclusion In Policy & Practice © 

For HR Practitioners

When it comes to creating equitable & inclusive workplaces policies and practices, HR is an architect. As an architect, HR helps to build the foundation of policies and practices that are adequate, legal & impactful. This requires practitioners to assess the environment and consider the big question, “What’s in it for..?” This engaging program will provide steps on influencing & managing change & empowering various stakeholders for a more diverse, equitable & inclusive workplace.


Equity, inclusion, intersectionality, what in it for..?, quantitative and qualitative data, accountability

Winning Strategies To Develop & Retain Diverse* Early Stage Talent ©

Welcome to the future of work, but have we yet arrived? To date, the future of work conversation has centered around skills, jobs & workplace dynamics, all of which have been significantly impacted by global pandemic, COVID-19 and racial injustice. 

With the most diverse generation in history entering the workforce, GenZ, employers & higher ed institutions must assess relevant methods to develop & retain early career talent.


Allyship (performative and active), inclusion, equity, marginalized communities, bias, anti-racism, navigating uncomfortable conversations


*To narrow in on the topic of diversity, our content will highlight three populations College Code has served extensively: women, underrepresented minorities, and first-gens

How To Build The Talent Pipeline For Women Of Color ©

Did you know only 7% of organizations have targeted efforts that focus on gender and race? Forward thinking organizations have an opportunity to be intentional in building the diversity pipeline by focusing on the intersectional experience. In this engaging program we will focus specifically on building the talent pipeline for women of color, from early career to mid-management.


Intersectionality, inclusion, bias, privilege, power, uncomfortable conversations